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IT Trend

IT Trend – Cyber Hacking !!!!!

PETALING JAYA: When it comes to the number of hacking attacks on smartphones and tablets, Malaysia ranks ninth on a list of 200 countries and territories, a joint study by Interpol and software security firm Kaspersky Lab has found.

Also, the country ranks sixth globally in terms of the number of “Trojan-SMS” attacks, according to the Mobile Cyberthreats report issued this month (October, 2014). – Source from The Star Online Newspaper; tittle: M’sia ranks ninth on hackings; published: 30 October 2014; section: Nation.”

Hackers! Hackers! Hackers! News around the globe or in Malaysia itself currently being drawn in hackers’ attack. Many industries are being attacked by malicious hackers and bringing a big impact to their daily business operation as well as their personal life. Let’s immerse into a deeper level of discussion from business operation and individual life.

Business Operation

LOS ANGELES: Amy Pascal will step down as co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment after hackers angry about a movie she championed mocking North Korea's dictator exposed a raft of embarrassing e-mails between Pascal and other Hollywood figures.

One of the most powerful women executives in Hollywood, Pascal had kept a low profile since her e-mails were leaked by hackers and widely reported by media, particularly one in which she made racially insensitive remarks about President Barack Obama's taste in films. - Source from The Star Online Newspaper; tittle: Pascal to step down as Sony studio head after hacking upheaval; published: 6 February, 2015; section: Tech News.”

PETALING JAYA: International and Trade Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed was among the passengers whose names were on the itinerary that was leaked in the hacking of the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) website.
Earlier today, MAS confirmed that their Domain Name System (DNS) has been compromised where users are re-directed to a hacker website when users access their website.

“At this stage, Malaysia Airlines’ web servers are intact.
They have reported to CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Ministry of Transport on the matter and also assured customers and clients that this temporary glitch does not affect their bookings and their user data is secure. – Source from The Star Online Newspaper; tittle: Minister’s itinerary leaked in MAS hacking; published: 26 January 2015; section: Nation.”

As reports above shown, currently hackers are hacking business operation servers locally and internationally. There are a lot more hacking reports being reported at The Star Online Newspaper, through the search wording “hacking” on 2nd March 2015, there are 100 of articles shown in The Star Online website.

Hackers attack had become the IT trend in Malaysia of year 2015 as predicted by the cyber security experts, “……In the attack on Sony on Nov 24, the attackers hacked the company’s network and took terabytes of private data, deleted original copies from the company’s computers and left messages threatening to release the information if Sony did not comply with their demands.

Nigel Tan, director of systems engineering for software security firm Symantec Malaysia said the prominent data leaks of 2014 would keep cyber security in the spotlight in 2015.- Source from The Star Online Newspaper; tittle: Brace for more cyber attacks; published: 21 December 2014; section: Nation.”

As Malaysian government had inforce the PDPA 2010 (Personal Data Protection Act), enterprises will face legal crisis from customers’ data being leaked by hackers. Needless to say the revenue that being affected by legal crisis at the same time. Trade secrets being reviewed from hackers, will cost bankruptcy of the enterprise seeing from the most serious view of the hacking scenario can cause from business organizations. Enterprise reputation being affected and lost trust from the customers, and law suits being louche by the customers, all of these will damage the enterprise vitality.

Individual Life

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are seeking the assistance of London Interpol to extradite a man believed to be involved in the hacking of 17 automated teller machines (ATM) in Malaysia in September this year.
Mohd Kamarudin (Bukit Aman Commercial CID (cyber and multimedia crime) deputy director, SAC Mohd Kamrudin Md Din) said investigations into the ATM hacking involving 10 to 12 suspects found Grigore (the suspect, Paladi Grigore, 37) was linked to the hacking of ATMs in Section 9, Shah Alam; Section 14, Sea Park; Jalan Yong Shook Lim, Petaling Jaya and Puchong. – Source from The Star Online Newspaper; tittle: ATM hacker suspect arrested in London, cops seeking Interpol aid for extradition; published 19 December 2014; section: Nation.”

ATM is being hacked, money from one account was being transferred to another account or on the other hand, “illegal” money was being transferred into your account, how would that bring impact to your life? Chaos happened, disaster presence, your life will be doomed.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram did been reported for hacker attack, however the news was being denial by Facebook and said the glitch caused by engineers, the report as below:-

PETALING JAYA: Facebook denied that its site was hacked after users worldwide had difficulties accessing the social network and Instagram on Tuesday, according to a BBC report.
Lizard Squad, the hacker group which claimed responsibility for hacking into Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS) website, had earlier indicated that it was also responsible for Tuesday’s worldwide Facebook and Instagram outages.- Source from The Star Online Newspaper; tittle: Facebook denies cyber attack, glitch caused by engineers; published: 27 January 2015; section: Nation.”

Although the news was being denial, doubt and trust was being raised from the users of the social media. Some of the users might see Facebook and Instagram as their daily dairy; these users privacy is being intruded. People with bad intent, could have stalk them from their posts in social media and bring harm to them as well as their family members. Users of social media may be seen as a crime target.

Internet Get In Touch with Our Daily Live

Early in the morning, you read through online newspaper, suddenly you remember that you have not make payment for your credit card. You quickly log into the e-banking system and make the payment. Ding dong, there is a notification from your mobile indicated that there are emails in your mailbox, one of the emails is from Facebook and shown that today is your friend birthday and you decided to have online shopping for her present. You log in to Facebook and have a confirmation and you decided to buy her a present. You browse through fashion, books, gifts and electronic websites, hoping to find a suitable present for her. At last you decided to buy her a bottle of wine for her birthday as well as her first year marriage anniversary. You make the payment and select on the delivery service. So, it’s done!

Let’s us review how many tabs you had opened up to this moment, 1. Online Newspaper; 2. Credit Card E-banking system; 3. Mailbox; 4. Facebook; 5. Fashion website; 6. Books website; 7. Gifts website; 8. Electronic websites; 9. Wine website; 10. E-Payment webpage; 11. Delivery Service webpage. In conclusion, at least 11 tabs you had opened and the internet connection never broke off, it is speedy as well. Do you ever wonder why your company internet connection cannot perform up to this level?

Enterprises Network Challenges

The importantness of internet access can be recognized from the scenario above, needless to say network connection in a workplace. Carrying warrior spirit, LNS has identified three (3) main problems that are facing by most of the enterprises today, firstly network is slow, secondly network connection not stable and thirdly cost of network investment is not effective enough. Problems identified, so let’s get the thinker, explorer and scientist together have a discussion session. Finally the thinker comes out with a solution, but the situation needed the explorer to take back the solution and have the scientist tested before it can be officially announced and confirmed it is the best solution for the main problem of network connection. After months and years of accumulative cultivations from the warrior, thinker, explorer, and scientist, finally Virtual Leased Line Solution being authenticated as the cure for network problem.