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LNS Business Philosophy

Surrounding by the atmosphere of reaching the upper most in Information Technology industry, LightsUp Network Solution Sdn Bhd, abbreviation LNS, stress on and drill in their attention onto 4 main business philosophies to reach the main aim of their principle, bringing more conveniency to global citizen. High innovative, high intellectual, high introspection and high aggressiveness explained the characteristic of the 4 main philosophies LNS shaped for themselves.

High Innovative Like An Explorer

The soul and the creation of LNS, carrying enthusiasm with them to bring more sophisticated technology in order to serve the citizen better. Leading the team with direction and always believe there are a lot more can be achieved in Information Technology industry. It will not be perfect but there is always ways to improve even with the best technology. With this believe, they are always thinking ahead of others and explore around to search for improvement that closer to perfection. With their far insight, they always searching, exploring, finding, brain cracking and listening to others in order to identify their needs and bring the fantasy or dream to become reality. Kneeling down to long term planning, with perseverance and persistence, they discover more and more new technology. Carrying these mottos with them, they tailor a journey that benefits to the society and hopeful globally.
Characteristic of LNS : The Leaders and The Management

High Intellectual Like The Thinker

Comply and align the direction of The Explorer, with intellectual they implemented the long term plan with surveying the market to make the dream become reality. Thinking of a way to achieve the reality, they inspecting on packaging and branding according to the reports and results obtained based on corporate preferences. Finding a way to educate public regarding the new discovery of LNS, they creatively come out a tactic that easily digested by the public and subconsciously being remembered. Carrying these behavior and intellectual, they position themselves as always finding ways to get closer to the public.
Characteristic of LNS : The Marketers

High Introspection Like The Scientist

Experimenting, examining and studying the possibilities of immersing the new technology into current environment, they skillfully using their techniques to do testing. With cautions and carefulness, they put their focus aiming for absolute results. By various amount of verifications, they finally identified the skills and tactics in applying and harmonized the new technology with current situation. Repeatedly configurations until reaching confirmation of able to run, they patiently testify every different environment facing by corporates. Giving in their full support to corporates in ensuring the new technology is always in place and workable. Carrying these principles, they station themselves as the corporate guardian.
Characteristic of LNS : The Technicians

High Aggressiveness Like The Warrior

Being the fighter of LNS, they carry with them the absolute enthusiasm in helping public in need. As the representative of LNS, without hesitation they reach out to the market. Put themselves in corporate shoes, with the sense of empathy their realized the corporate needs and wants. While them being the front line of LNS, they educating and persuading corporate into believing the new technology. With gathering related information from the corporate, they suggested the technology that suite the respective environment. Problem being solved, clients’ happiness is their own happiness too. Carrying these believes, they styled themselves as the problem solver.
Characteristic of LNS : The Sales Personnel

LNS’s Explorer, Thinker, Scientist and Warrior carry with them professionalism and skillfulness in serving the society. They are creative and responsibilities in performing their work task. Bravery and open mindedness are their philosophy that they immerse into in order to always upgrade themselves. Adapted in new idea, open for discussion and become a listener to client feedbacks are their thirst for improving and becoming better in themselves in order to improve and make the society become better.