LNS Virtual Metro-E powered by SD-WAN

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LNS Virtual Metro-E powered by SD-WAN

A technique of combining multiple Internet Service Provider (ISP) lines into a single pipe-line. Total bandwidth from all the combined ISP lines will be equally distributed to each of the users. The load of the data will transmit through the involved/ combined ISP lines equally.

LNS Virtual Metro-E powered by SD-WAN provides high bandwidth (Consistency and Stable Connectivity) and high availability (Always Available) for network connections. The criteria for having a smooth and reliable working environment is based on stability in network connections as well as high network speed in data transmission.
Highly Recommended to:
  • Enterprise that use multiple ISP lines and operates several outlets or branches
  • Enterprise that practice Centralized Network System
LNS Virtual Metro-E powered by SD-WAN


ISP Line fully and effectively utilized to smooth your business workflow.
Download and upload speed will be equal to sum of each individual line speed.
As and when internet lines are combined:
  • Inbound bandwidth combined
  • Total bandwidth equally distributed to all user 
Supportive Environment
 SD-WAN Malaysia | LTE Bonding Malaysia | Internet Speed Test | Internet Speed Malaysia
 SD-WAN Malaysia | LTE Bonding Malaysia | Internet Speed Test | Internet Speed Malaysia
Significant Benefits
With the support of Virtual Metro-E powered by SD-WAN Technology, downtime will be reduced to a very minute number. There is a very LOW possibility that all the internet service provider (ISP) will have technical issue or other problems arise at the same time. Therefore, reliable and stable internet connection will be granted naturally with LNS Virtual Metro-E powered by SD-WAN.
Higher bandwidth for network connection will deliver improved performance from every angle of the business. Data transmission from daily workflow to other parties locally or globally requires increasingly faster speeds. LNS Virtual Metro-E powered by SD-WAN’s ability to combine bandwidth tackles this issue.
High availability is not just an LNS target, but a market need. Multiple ISP’s in a single pipeline greatly reduces the dependency on a single line for business workflows thus drastically minimizing network connection downtime.
Business utilizing Centralized Network System will enjoy benefits from LNS Virtual Metro-E powered by SD-WAN. Communication and information access between outlets, branches and HQ is encoded thus ensuring privacy and security.

Supportive Managed Services
Supportive Peace of Mind Journey

As we had already gone through the first journey of LNS Metro-E powered by SD-WAN, let us dive deeper. As a Managed Services Provider, we offer a variety of solutions and support to businesses on network related matters.

LNS offers unique points in services and benefits that bring success to businesses. Under the management of LNS, businesses may enjoy the assurance that their network is in safe hands.
Virtual Private Network
Virtual Private Network
Static IP
Static IP
Quality of Services
Quality of Services
Network Monitoring System
Network Monitoring System
 SD-WAN Malaysia | LTE Bonding Malaysia | Internet Speed Test | Internet Speed Malaysiat
LNS Offers
  • New Technology that provides solutions for business’ network issues.
  • Experienced Technical Team to assist in complex network systems.
  • Provide holistic Managed Services to customers to increase and improve the effectiveness of existing business workflows.
  • Assist our customers to gain a competitive edge through reliable and cost-effective network operation.
  • Grow together with our customer both in Malaysia and globally.
LNS Benefits to Company
  • High Speed Network Connection
  • Ready Equipment
  • Consult services
  • Chances of business
  • Productivity increased
  • Efficiency increased
  • Effective Communication
  • Less Downtime
  • Cost Effective

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