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Supportive Managed Services

Supportive Peace of Mind Journey

As we had already gone through the first journey of Virtual Leased Line Solution, let’s us travel deeper into other part of the journey. As a Managed Services Provider, we offer a variety of solutions and supports to enterprises on network related matters. To be specific, its included Virtual Private Network (VPN), Firewall, Proxy, Static IP, Quality of Services (QOS) and Network Monitoring System.

LNS (LightsUp Network Solution Sdn Bhd) offers the unique points in the services and benefits that bring successful to a company. Under the management of LNS, company will be worried free on the network concurrently others benefits will come along the way!

LNS Benefits to Company

  • High Speed Network Connection: LNS new solution with high bandwidth from total combined ISP lines will lead to high speed network connection that reduced the time for files transmission.
  • Ready Equipment: LNS provide the service of leasing the respective hardware, device and equipment for customers.
  • Consult services: Customers’ business environment will be analyzed by expert and propose customized solution respectively. System manipulation will be guided by LNS expertise although course for training is not a necessity.
  • Chances of outstanding business: New technology that offered by LNS will give an opportunity to customers to win in the competitive market.
  • Productivity increased: Productivity of company will increase with reliable and secure network system.
  • Efficiency increased: Every employee in the enterprise or organization will enjoy and fully utilized the combined total bandwidth and higher availability of network which lead to speedy task completion.
  • Effective Communication: Communication between headquarter and branches will be secured and in sync.
  • Less Downtime: With multiple ISP supported LNS in Managed Services, network stability and reliability will be guarded under a condition that we won’t have the chance to allow ourselves to be failed by losing a second in network connection.
  • Cost Effective: Enjoy the similar high speed network connection from leased line yet without costing a fortune.

LNS Offers…

  • New Technology which offer new solutions for business networking headache.
  • Experienced Technical Team to assist in complexity of network system.
  • Provide holistic Managed Services to customers to increase the effectiveness of existing business workflow and bring business to the next level.
  • Assist our customers to gain a competitive edge through reliable and cost effective network operation.
  • Be in line with our customers to be the best in Malaysia and globally.