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Virtual Leased Line Solution

Key of Virtual Leased Line Solution

The bosses are having video conference with higher management from headquarter at USA. Employees are busy with their own tasks, some are emailing, some are Googling, some are Skyping with their customers and suppliers, some are faxing documents, some are logging into company system for stock delivery status and order stock, some are logging into company internal portal for applying leave and searching for company information, some are uploading company information, some are doing company online transaction….everyday, the same or similar tasks will be performed in a sounded, smooth and peaceful environment.

Virtual Leased Line solution is contributing in providing high bandwidth (Consistency and Stability Connectivity) and high availability (Always Available) for network connection. The criteria for having a smooth and harmony working environment are based on stability in network connection as well as high network speed in data transmission. In order to achieve that, a network bandwidth must be substantial to fulfill the supply and demand of the users. Looking into the situation above, situation such as work delayed, slow in decision making and loss in the battle with competitors will happen sooner or later. Added on the circumstances that some data transmission required to be delivered internationally, risk of causing deficit in business will be at high level.

High bandwidth (Consistency and Stability Connectivity)

Let’s discover the situation whereby short term period the internet connection is lost. Bringing in the scenario above as an example, everything work fine and a salesperson got the news that the company will win a tender and bring in a millions dollars of deal to the company, provided that a more thorough proposal or plan should be submit to the customer by end of the day.

A thorough proposal or plan should include statistical analysis and costing of the whole project. Sales and technical team are ready to give in the best shot they can, management are giving in their full support at the same time. If this time around, the network connection having problems, what is it going to happen? Most of the people will think the worst part is lost the tender and revenue to the company, how about the reputation and status of the company? It will be influenced indirectly at the meantime as well.

Let’s explore another situation, there is a promotion in the company therefore sales is expected to be packed up. Customer will log in into company website for the promotion or they can go to physical stores to grab hold for the promotion. Online sales (company website) will be chaotic without network connection, how about physical store do not have an internet connection? Other outlets stock can’t be access, advise can’t be given to customers regarding the promotion, can’t do online transaction, credit card can’t swipe…what will happen next? Customers’ complaints saying the company is pseudo and cheating people regarding the promotion, company reputation being influences, and on and on…..chaotic situation arises.

Short term situation we have explored and discovered as above, how about the long term situation then? Needless to say, more damage will be happening and causes company in facing a great danger of crisis. It is in a perfect sense that internet connection should always be connected in order to have a systematic, organized, smooth and sounded business environment.

High Availability (ALWAYS Available)

Imagine the situation whereby using virtual leased line solution to aggregate X, Y, Z internet lines from 3 different service provider. After aggregating, each and every one of the tasks will be distributed among these 3 lines. Suddenly, company X having some internal technical issue, the internet line that provide by company X is not active. Normally, when this situation happened, situation as illustrated when short term internet connection lost will sure become reality. However with virtual leased line solution, there still have the connection support from company Y and Z, therefore there will not be much impact to the business flow.

Given the scenario when company X and company Y having internal technical issue and the lines that being provided become inactive, there is still company Z internet line can be depended on, therefore the internet connection will still be connected and workable.

HQ and Branch Communication

A company which is practicing Centralized Network System or having many outlets or branches within Malaysia or out of Malaysia will discover and realize a truly great solution for their company after using Virtual Leased Line solution. Speedy data transmission and fluent communications in aspects such as headquarters to branches, local to international and within branches communication or communication flow that is vice versa, will be significantly improved.

With the support come from Virtual Leased Line solution, there will be less network downtime facing by the company. There is a very LOW possibility that all the internet service provider (ISP) will have technical issue or other problems arise at the same time. Therefore, reliable and stable internet connection will be granted naturally with Virtual Leased Line solution.